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NEW Employee Guide- HHA Exchange Guide

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Instruction Set-Up Steps: 

  1. Download the app (App Store/Play Store)

  2. Sign Up

  3. Log In

  4. Click on the 3 dot’s in the top right-hand corner

  5. Update Profile

  6. Save and write down the Mobile Device ID number

  7. Call us with that ID number

Once we receive your Mobile Device ID number

here are the steps to  Clock In & Out

  1. Log In

  2. Today’s Schedule

  3. Patients Name

  4. Clock In

  5. Repeat same steps to Clock Out

  6. Before Clocking Out, a list of tasks will appear, you would need to click on the duties you perform during your shift and then clock out.

  7. All Done!

Steps to Clock in & Out-When Using a Phone or Landline 

  1. Call: 1855 341 9410

  2. Clock IN press: 1

  3. Clock OUT press: 2

  4. Enter Assignment ID

  5. Duties: SEE LIST BELOW

  6. After entering Duty Codes Press “00” to Clock OUT “Successfully clocked in/out”

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New Employee- HHA Exchange Guide
Coastal Payroll Employee Guide

Coastal Payroll Employee Guide

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